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Constant Manufacturing are experts in precision sheet metal fabricated parts, displays, components and fully assembled pieces, based in Oldham.
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It’s hard to walk past a roadside cabinet and not be passing one we’ve manufactured. We’d predict that at least every other one you pass was manufactured by us over the years. From the brown country park communication cabinets, to large street side electrical cabinets, we’ve made them.

It’s the new year, and we’re fully settled into the new offices, while the factory and shop-floor start to take shape in their new 50,000ft2 manufacturing home. The move into a large foot print has enabled us to invest in larger capacity and more efficient press brake machinery with the arrival of two new Bystronic Xpert 100s. These press brakes will complement our existing TruBend machines, all to be housed together in a newly dedicated ‘Bend’ part of our factory.  First job was to clear out the new press brake’s home, and give it a lick of paint.

OK, so we know the new pound coin isn’t laser cut, but the small metal part next to it is. Measuring no more than 12mm in height, and less than 18mm in width, this little laser cut part is perfect display of how detailed laser cutting sheet metal can be.

An A to Z exploring the capabilities, sectors, processes, employees and projects at Constant Manufacturing and the sheet metal fabrication industry. This encyclopaedia is updated regularly with further additions to the lists. A Account Managers, accuracy, air conditioning, Ally, aluminium, ancillary components, angle grinding, annotation, anodising, apprentices,...