Air Conditioning & Ventilation Covers
Constant Manufacturing are experts in precision sheet metal fabricated parts, displays, components and fully assembled pieces, based in Oldham.
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Air Conditioning and Ventilation Covers

Air conditioning enclosures

We can manufacture the surrounding metal enclosure for your cabinet to the exact specification for your units.

Air conditioning parts and components

We regularly fabricate a range of brackets, components and parts to a variety of air conditioning manufacturers for domestic and industrial markets.

Ventilation covers

From pest control covers to ventilation duct vents, with our laser cutter we can brand the cover up for your business, producing a tailored finished added value product for your business.

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How it’s Made

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Work with Us

Work with Us

If you are looking for a specialist air conditioning part, or perhaps a branded laser cut metal ventilation cover then please get in touch with us at Constant, sheet metal fabrication experts.