Constant Manufacturing | 1000 brackets, one fibre laser cutter
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1000 brackets, one fibre laser cutter

Adapting an existing design can be cost-effective with some simple engineering and swift manufacturing, and small brackets like this one can be perfect for such like jobs.

An existing customer approached us to design a sheet of small brackets to apply to existing lighting fittings and infrastructure parts. Our CAD engineering team quickly got to work designing an appropriate metal bracket to be cut on our new fibre laser cutter.
Laser Cutting Bracket
The Bystronic laser cutter made short work of the nested design from the CAD team, and cut the sheet of mild steel into 1000 brackets in less than 10 minutes.

The bracket was programmed to allow the fitting hole and hook to fall through the laser cutter slat bed, while retaining the main bracket piece in place for easier post-cutting production. Nifty design by the CAD engineers, considering the bracket is similar size to a 10p piece.

Bracket Tags
Bracket Tags

Of course, a few cheeky ones popped out, but in the main, the majority stayed in place.

The parts were then ready for the factory production team to quality assess and send to the paint floor for a powder coat of black before being bagged into 100s and dispatched to the customer.

Metal bracket fabricator