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A Constant Future

As the social and economic shock-waves caused by the 2020 COVID-19 global pandemic begin to subside, Constant Group are among the many UK companies looking towards the future of the ‘new normal’.

The Constant Group factory remained continuous with production throughout the entire lockdown period, due to demand from customers involved in supporting key workers across a variety of vital industries including food, media, security and directly supplying parts for the healthcare industry. A core team was established to ensure supply to these key sectors remained uninterrupted.

As many of Constant’s regular customers have begun to return to their operations and demand has risen, the workforce has been recalled gradually and now stands at around 90% capacity.

Embracing The New Normal

During the lockdown, much work was done to ensure the safe return of all employees when the time was right, as the company grappled with ever evolving guidelines. The result today is a host of social distancing measures, new standard operating procedures and processes which are designed to safeguard all employees and visitors to the Constant factory. These include mandatory wearing of face masks in and around the factory, the implementation of one-way systems in high traffic areas, social distancing messaging in all areas and numerous hygiene stations in and around the premises.

Communication from the company both during the lockdown and on return to work, reassured employees that every possible measure had been taken to ensure their safety. Now, procedures that had seemed alien at first have indeed become the “new normal”

The Way Forward

Unlike many unfortunate UK businesses that were blind-sided by the crisis, Constant are in the enviable position of being robust enough to weather the storm and to even come back stronger, we have been able to be agile and carefully navigate through the most turbulent of times.

Thanks to this, the current outlook for Constant is much brighter than that of many other businesses. Even with the most pessimistic forecasting, there is a definite steady route back to business as usual. This should be a reassurance to current and potential customers reliant on our consistent, high quality sheet metal fabrication service.

Planning For The Future

2020 marks a huge milestone for the company as we mark 50 years of business. As part of this we have implemented a key investment strategy. Over the summer we undertook machinery installation – with the inclusion of two new Press Brake machines to significantly enhance our business output. The new machines now sit proudly on Constant’s factory-floor, which has also had a dramatic re-vamp in recent weeks.

Constant’s facilities are now unrecognisable from the setup of 2015 when the formation of Constant Group was announced. The goal of creating an industry leading state of the art automated sheet metal production facility has been achieved, despite this years’ events.

As the company moves forward from the recent crisis, several key hires across our office and factory including a new Digital Marketing Manager, Administrator and key floor workers.

We are excited to implement a new strategic plan which has been formulated to consolidate Constant’s current position and build from its solid foundations, ensuring its ability to weather any future storms as confidently as it has 2020.

From design to delivery, we deliver value-added metal fabrication services to large OEMs that require reliable, high-quality and flexible metal manufacturing from design to delivery. Contact Constant Group today to see how we can improve your sourcing process.

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