A tricky punched circle is no problem for the Punch 3000’s tooling - Constant Manufacturing
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A tricky punched circle is no problem for the Punch 3000’s tooling

A quick blog this week as an unusual part has been going through the manufacturing site. As it’s not uncommon to see the TruPunch 3000 punching a range of holes and shapes every hour, in fact every job nearly, but these holes are a little larger than the average.

This sort of raised rim circular punch is typically used in custom parts or special one-offs as the part takes a while to form using a specialist punch/forming tool.
Circular Punch Tool


Swaged punch tool

The type of edge is called ‘Swaged’, and some may describe it as a large crimping effect to get the hole punched, and rim bevelled out. In fact, the term ‘swage’ is routed back in French ‘olden times’ to mean a decorative groove or edging. A swage tool has been a part of blacksmithing, and metalworking for centuries.


The unique shaped tool head photographed from our punch machine will have hit down on the metal work a few 100 times to get the finished shape which was over 30cms in diameter.

If you’re looking for a specialist metal manufacturing sub-contractor, get in touch.

Curved Metal Punch Tool