Behind the Scenes: Constant’s corporate photography shoot - Constant Manufacturing
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Behind the Scenes: Constant’s corporate photography shoot

The start of Summer has been a busy time for us at Constant. Not only have we won some great contracts, we’ve also had the pleasure of talented photographer, Mark Gilligan FBIPP LRPS, take to the floors of Constant for two days of corporate photography. And don’t worry, Mark had supervisor personnel with him the whole time during the two day photography process to ensure his, and our staffs, safety throughout his time with us.

Before we could get going we had to plan the days clearly, not only to make sure we got all the shots we needed, but to also work around production schedules, deliveries and appointments. The team got new boiler suits, high visibility jackets and blue t-shirts.

First would see us doing a suite of employee photos from head shots of our founder, now Chairman, Richard Garlick to a large group photograph.

Group Photograph

Family Photo

Then we went onto the punch machines; We’ve two great machines at Constant working day and night on a range of sheet metal work. Mark set himself up for a range of photographs of our TruPunch 3000, and TruPunch 5000R, including our 63tonne STOPA sheet metal stacking machine. In this photo he is taking advantage of our stairwell in the centre of the factory for some great aerial shots of the TruPunch 3000 in action.

Punch Machine

After the punch machines, we went to the first floor, where our powder coating division are based, and Mark shot the painting processes from cleaning down the metal pieces through to powder coating them in our specialist spray booth.

Powder Coating Department - Cleaning Powder Coating Department - Booth

Up another floor to our screen printing and engraving department.

Engraving Department Screen Printing Department Ovens

Day Two

The next day, saw us take on the Laser machine. The TruLaser Laser Cutter, for safety reasons, has an exceptionally thick door, making photographing particularly challenging. But with a little patience, great thinking, and years of experience, Mark got some fabulous photos of the laser in action. This photo is a panoramic showing half of the factory shop floor. Mark is setting up his camera to take shots of the laser when it gets to work.

Mark in the Factory

After the fantastic shots of the laser cutting machine, we moved to the Pemserters. Both in fine form for photography. You can see our Operations Manager giving the floor a standard quick brush down before the lads commenced their workload, and then we could get some photos.

Clean Up Pemserter

Safety was paramount while capturing the welding bays and grinding action. Mark donned a safety visor, and with the aid of our experienced team of welders, he got some photographs of various welding techniques, metals and finishing processes.

Welding Mask Welding Booth

The only photo we didn’t manage to get is of our beloved company mascots, Rudi and Rosie! We’ll have to snap a photo next time. We look forward to sharing them over the coming months on our website, twitter (@constantmfg) and emailers. We leave you with our new company group photograph.

Constant Manufacturing Staff

Oh… and before you leave, check out our Operations Manager’s snazzy trousers… he was just about to dash off to a Golf event representing Constant.

Blue golf trousers