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Utilising skills of our engineering team, the experience of our press brake supervisors and time-served operation staff can lead to innovation and efficient manufacturing processes. A fantastic example of this process is a recent air-conditioning panel that involves some unusual forms, which are then inserted with a particularly robust threaded fastener.
Not a typical job at Constant Manufacturing, but these small cages aren’t for animals or ‘rodent control’ but these style cages are fact to protect CCTV cameras around the country, especially larger towns, cities and prison yards from attack.
We’ve seen a large increase in the use of DOOH style displays (Digital Out Of Home) in recent months. These types of displays allow a diverse range of applications and uses, from interactive and sensor driven advertising panels through to point of purchase (POP) stands where you can browse, select and pay for products in service station fast-food retailers, or a catalogue shop.
Adapting an existing design can be cost-effective with some simple engineering and swift manufacturing, and small brackets like this one can be perfect for such like jobs.
We caught some photos of a new cabinet going through the powder coating plant this week. The metal cabinets are designed to hold a range of technical equipment for building infrastructure such as pumps and air filters.
Everywhere you walk in a supermarket, shopping centre, garden centre and DIY store you’ll see metal shelf racking. Metal shelving is durable, cost-efficient, and versatile, It doesn’t damage easily when store layouts get rejigged, and can withstand bumps and foot traffic of high-volume before it even starts to show wear. As a result, we manufacture a large range of metal racking you’ll find in supermarket chewing gum stands through to DIY store heavy duty shelving.