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What is a Sheet Metal Fabricator?

A sheet metal fabricator is typically a skilled craftsman specialising in reading drawings, producing flat patterns, cutting, bending, welding, and assembling sheet metal to create a range of products, parts and projects to customer specifications.  It can involve one or several processes from laser cutting to TIG welding, all carried out by this type of multi-skilled craftsman.
While popping into the factory we spotted one of our regular contract jobs being bent on the press brake machines. We manufacture hundreds of drip trays for pubs and restaurants across the UK, and today was an order for another batch.
All of our projects start with a drawing, whether it is a sketch from a customer or a 3D CAD model, every drawing is transposed into one of our design software suites.  One of our most flexible pieces of design software used is Solidworks 2016.
Friday saw 120 local high school children, along with 20 teachers, go head-to-head in this year’s Rotary BAE Systems Technology Tournament and our STEM Ambassador was there to lend a hand and judge the teams throughout the day.
Trains across the UK are upgrading their headlights with new LED technology, and as a result, new lighting units are being manufactured by Constant. With our 500th about to roll off the manufacturing lines, we’re pleased to share a few stages of the manufacturing process.