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Powder Coating

Sheet Metal Powder Coating & Finishing

Powder Coating Radic Jnr

Our on-site fully automated powder coating facility is one of a kind in the North West! We don’t outsource any stage of our powder coating process, allowing us to produce high quality painted finishes to prototypes and high volume work alike with a quick turnaround and with full control.


We can powder coat an array of sheet metal parts and units in varying sizes. Choosing powder coating for your project over wet paint treatment will not only lower your costs but improve your product’s durability and lower your company’s impact on the environment. With our full inspection process both in the process and after curing you can rest assured that Constant can deliver a quality finish.


Having an on-site powder coating facility means Constant are a trusted partner to many major retail display, telecoms cabinet and consumer goods based clients for our professional and high quality powder coating services. As well as offering powder coating we have trusted partners for anodising, galvanising and plating. By managing the whole process for you we have complete control of supply and you have one point of contact.

Powder coating facilities:

Fully automated powder coating service

In line pre-treatment booth

Drying oven

State of the art application booth

Curing oven

Highest quality powder coating paints from AkzoNobel, DuPont and other preffered suppliers

We can also provide:


Polishing services


Wet painting

Shot blasting


What is Powder Coating?


Powder coating is the application of a powder based paint onto the metal part to produce a protective aesthetic finish.


A piece of metal is normally sent through a cleaning and drying process. Once the metal piece is clean, a spray gun application of powder is applied, coating the entire piece in the desired finished. Once coated, the metal part goes into a curing oven to cure the powdered paint onto the metal part.

Why use powder coating over wet paint?

Powder coating poses no risk to the air quality because, unlike paint, it has no solvent emissions. It also offers unrivalled quality control by providing higher uniformity of thickness and colour consistency than wet paints. And as powder coated metal pieces are cured at higher temperatures it ensures a tougher finish. Powder coating is normally considerably cheaper than wet based paint systems.

Decorative advantages

Colour consistency


Gloss, matt, satin and textured finishes

Conceals minor surface flaws

Functional advantages

Harder scratch resistant finish

Flexible and durable surface

Anti corrosion finishes

Advantages to the environment

No solvents means no air quality hazards

No hazardous waste

No chemical clean up

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