CNC Sheet Metal Punching | Constant Manufacturing | Manchester
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CNC Punching

CNC Punching

Using Trumpf punching machines with automation we can accommodate a host of projects at Constant. Our CAD Design Engineers onsite will use their years of experience to determine the best punch press option for your project and costs.


Using Trumpf 5000 and Trumpf 3000 punch machines which are suitable for small batch runs and large scale production runs. Typical punching jobs can be as simple as a square, or complex profiles with forms. Classic examples of job runs include ventilation products, brackets for gaming machines and components used on earth moving machines.


Constant Manufacturing utilise a range of Trumpf punch machines benefiting from low cost tool set ups and cost effective running costs. Twinned with automation to load and un-load both raw material, and waste material our services can really benefit bottom line part costs, especially considering our ability to run unmanned production, “lights out”.

Range of operations including: piercing, nibbling, embossing, extruding, slotting and recessing, louvering, coining, countersinks, forming tabs, creating ribs and creating hinges

Specialised tooling can be purchased if needed

With our STOPA we can store and automate upto 70 tonnes of sheet metal

Unmanned production ability for overnight production

Material thickness from 0.5mm up to 8mm

Punching accuracy of 0.02mm

Suitable for a range of materials; mild steel, zintec, galvanised steel and aluminium

Punching acceleration rate up to 1400 strokes per min

About our CNC Punching Capabilities

What is CNC Punching?


The ability to use a computerised machine to produce a desired shape out of a piece of sheet metal using a punch press tool.


Typically a piece of sheet metal is placed on the punch press machine table where the sheet metal is moved across the x and y axis using linear drivers so the sheet metal moves rather than the tooling head. Then the machine follows a pre-designed pattern which is programmed via software such as Radan or SolidWorks. A shape is then cut from the sheet metal. Waste metal is automatically dealt with by conveyorised chip bins or on sheet skeleton management systems.

Our Trumpf TruPunch 5000R

“The TruPunch 5000 is the most productive punching machine in the world” Trumpf.


The Tumpf TruPunch 5000 machine brings unmatched automation ability and speeds with scratch-free punching finish, allowing us at Constant to offer a large production service, managed with a family business ethos. This new machine also offers up to 10% better utilisation of the sheet metal, reducing costs and raw material wastage. This CNC punch press machine not only works on standard metals, but we can also work on stainless steel, copper brass and pre-coated steel.

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