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Screen Printing

Screen Printing Services

At Constant we pride ourselves on using the latest technology, equipment, training and suppliers to meet the ever changing demands of our clients, and screen printing is no different. A few years ago we decided to bring screen printing in-house to minimise steps in the supply chain, reduce lead times and offer a well rounded single source solution of precision sheet metal fabrication.


We have carefully selected partners to produce our screen printing stencils so we can manufacture the most intricate detailed print applications. Our photo luminescent inks produce some of the highest quality finishes, with excellent ink adhesion using our Super Primex Ever Bright screen print machine.

Utilising the latest ink technology, we can screen print onto a range of surfaces including;


Stainless Steel


Polished Brass



Powder coated metals

Don’t forget, we can cut any shape with our in-house CNC punch machines or with our laser cutter and then screen print your message, brand or graphic on top producing a unique piece of signage, brand marking or part marking.

About our Screen Printing Facilities

What is Screen Printing?


Our Super Primex screen printing machine pushes paint through a stencilled piece of specialised material onto the substrate to reveal the required design/pattern design which is then sealed using an oven curing process.


The operator takes a stencil purpose made with required artwork and places it into a jig. The stencil then lies on top of the metal surface such as stainless steel disc. The ink is forced onto the stainless steel disc using the machine to push ink through the stencil and apply it onto the disc. The painted disc is then placed into a curing oven to ensure the ink adheres onto the metal.

Low runs to high volume production

When screen printing isn’t the correct process we have trusted partners for digital printing to maximise your branding opportunities for items such as POS stands. We can easily accommodate small batch runs, to high volume productions with our full screen printing production line.

Investment in the latest printing technology

The investment in our own screen printing machines means we can offer low volume runs to high volume production batches. We have several trained screen printing operators who use the suite of machines from the Super Primex Ever Bright screen printer to our Natgraph conveyorised infra red dryers.


With our investment in technology, such as the Natgraph with touch screen and PLC control for all vital parameters, we can monitor every stage of the printing and drying/curing process for quality control.

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