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CAD Design

CAD Design Services

Constant Manufacturing brings over 130 years collective experience designing simple sheet metal parts to complex projects with our team of in-house CAD Design Engineers. We have the ability to anticipate and resolve challenges to the fabrication process  before the process has even begun.


Many of our CAD Technicians, Mechanical Engineers and CAD Designers started as apprentice welders and craftsmen, which gives them a full working knowledge of best practices, techniques and assembly processes to allow them to design the best possible solution for your project. From production concepts to new product introductions, individual team members are responsible wholly for projects, giving a more efficient service to our clientèle and better quality assurance.

Direct contact with your CAD designer, no middlemen

Helping you in the design and development process

Experienced in selecting the right metal (and non-metal) materials for the project

Determining the most economical manufacturing processes

Providing full colour visualisation drawings and prototypes for sign off

Creating the best performing products

From the first concept drawing to re-designs

Customers come to us with sketches on paper, pieces in their hand or their own 2D & 3D drawings. Whatever the original concept drawing, we take the idea and utilise the latest in 3D industry modelling software, Solidworks and Radan to produce 3D models or physical prototypes for early appraisal of the design by our clients.


We have multiple seats of both Solidworks and Radan software, so we can work to full capacity with no down-time in design or manufacturing. Using a range of software, we can import existing customer designs, both 3D and 2D and in various formats, to produce a true 3D visualisation within minutes.

Leading software for a leading company

Our CAD team are capable of assessing customer ideas, parts and processes due to their industry served experience, and therefore can suggest revisions and improvements to reduce costs and time, while retaining the original design for the customer.


We also offer a re-design assistance service, where we can look at your existing products in a new way. Our design engineers can often re-quote projects using different processes and metal forming techniques. This can help our clients to gain additional value from the design process and reduce manufacturing costs.


We’ve designed for a range of sectors and industries from medical ovens to point of sale displays (POS). We’re leading experts in metal cabinets and casings, serving the major media and utility networks across the UK

CAD Design Skills

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