Sheet Metal CNC Bending | Constant Manufacturing | Manchester
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Press Brakes

CNC Bending / Press Brakes

We have a suite of precision sheet metal bending machines on Constant’s manufacturing shop floor including two new touch screen controlled Bystronic  Xpert 100s alongside our existing TruBend 5130. We also have traditional Rollers as part of our sheet metal fabrication facilities. This allows us to bend lengths on the shop floor from as small as a matchstick to 3 metres in lengths.

For jobs that require tight bending tolerances, we have a range of machines that are equipped with automatically controlled bending sensors. These allow precise and fast angle measuring throughout the bending procedure with the facility to make micro adjustments automatically, to keep the machine producing the desired angles to extreme accuracy.

Offline programming of bending

4 and 6 axis machines

Complex bends produced such as radius bends with a flange without the need for welding

We can bend as small as a matchstick and up-to 3 metres in length

Bending as thin as 0.7 mm as standard, with capabilities for thinner materials on site as specials

About our Press Brake Capabilities

Utilising up-to-date, 6 axis press brake technology, we can process simple parts to intricately formed precision components on our Bystronic Xpert 100s and TruBend 5130 machines. Our press brake machines have back stops completely independent of each other, which makes them ideal for bending lines that are on an angle or for parallel short stop edges, that are displaced to each other in the working plane.

Our suite of press brakes are equipped with 3D graphical display and programming; ideal for ease of CAD engineering where complicated folding sequences are taking place and need to be visualised before deployment onto the factory shop floor.

Manufacturing Case Studies

Machine Panel Manufacturing Case Study

Machine Panel Cover

Formed on one of our new Bystronic Press Brakes, this machine panel cover involved a large radius bend, that otherwise would of been to be formed on a traditional roller, leaving a flat edge. Read our manufacturing case study on the part’s journey through the factory.

Food Funnel Manufacturing

Metal Food Production Funnel

A 2mm stainless steel funnel, that involved precision programming and bending from start to finish to ensure tight fit and accuracy as it is integrated into a larger food production unit. Read about how we manufactured and bent this FMCG machine part.

One piece of metal, 8 bends

One Piece of Metal; 8 Bends

A seemingly small item found in every bar and restaurant, drip trays need to be robust, water resistant and made to specific tolerances for installation. We fabricate and bend 100s of metal drips trays every month at Constant.

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