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Sheet Metal Engraving Services

Alongside our Trumpf TruLaser machine, that can laser etch onto sheet metal during the cutting process, we also offer a standalone engraving service with our Gravograph XP6000.


If you choose to have details engraved onto a project we are manufacturing for you, you’ll find our Gravograph rotary cutter the best option. We can cut minute detail into the components, such as off / on indicators. Our CAD designers will take your specifications, program it into the project design and the Gravograph will do the rest.


If you are looking for brand badges, engraving onto existing products or complex engraving jobs, then our Gravograph is the ideal solution. Using the Gravograph XP6000 for our sheet metal engraving, allows us to offer you engraved characters and graphics from 2.5mm up to our maximum part size of 1220 x 610mm, with an engraved track from 0.32mm up to your imagination!

Full suite of engraving options including, but not limited to;





Brand logos

About our Engraving Services

What is Engraving?


The ability to create text or graphics onto a piece of sheet metal with specific cutters.


An engraving machine or laser cutter etches or cuts a design into a piece of sheet metal using a pre-programmed design. Engraving can be done several ways, and at Constant Manufacturing we have an industry leading Gravograph IS6000XP machine for detailed and conventional engraving processes such as Braille signs, brand badges and building signage. We also have a laser cutter that can ‘etch’ component numbers, or switch details, onto parts during the cutting process.


Our Gravograph XP6000 Engraver

The XP6000 is the quickest engraving machine on the market, it works at a maximum linear speed of 240mm per second at variable rotary speeds of up to 20,000 RPM. This combined with the XP6000’s reliability means reduced lead times and at very close tolerances.


Simply put; the client sends us a simple or complex drawing digitally, and our trained operators import it into the Gravograph software which in turns engraves it on the material of choice such as a piece of stainless steel or brass.


This means we can complete simple engraved jobs, such as push and pull engraved fingerplates, right up to complex and detailed engraving of photographs and company logos onto various material surfaces like Aluminium. Even though we are a sheet metal manufacturer, we can also engrave onto specialist plastic such as Traffolyte, if the project commands it.

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