Sheet Metal Fabrication & Welding | Constant Manufacturing | Manchester
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Sheet Metal Fabrication

Constant strive to produce top quality pieces of sheet metal work, from the time-served welders and craftsmen to resources invested in automating the cutting and forming process of the sheet metal.


Our skilled workforce combine all the pieces from the CNC punching or laser cutting processes, into one single piece of metal work. Being able to offer a full welding service, alongside cutting and forming, we can help reduce your project costs and supply chain. Our in-house team allows us to be able to facilitate contracts from small prototypes to large production runs with ease and experience.

The majority of projects we fabricate involve one or a combination of the following welding processes:

SPOT Welding

STUD Welding


Stainless Steel TIG Welding

Aluminium TIG Welding

Carbon Steel TIG Welding

Carbon Steel MIG Welding

Aluminium MIG Welding

About our Fabrication and Welding Capabilities

Sheet Metal Fabrication Traditional Methods

Within our welding area of constant we also have traditional methods of fabrication to enhance our automate processes such as:

Pillar drills

Various fly presses

Notching machines

BEWO cut off saws

Polishing / grained and superbright

Rolling capacity to 2000mm

PEM fastener insertion machines

Various bandfacers for deburring applications

Shot / bead blasting

The right welding choice…

At Constant, we can also build custom welding fixtures to accomplish your project in-house. We also boast a robotic welder to automate any large quantity multi-point projects you may have, passing on great project savings.


We suggest talking with our CAD Design Engineers if your project requires a welded assembly. We want to help you avoid choosing the wrong process, as the wrong process could mean increased design time, labour and the risk of excessive part distortion. Our experience could help save you production time, and you money.

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