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An A to Z exploring the capabilities, sectors, processes, employees and projects at Constant Manufacturing and the sheet metal fabrication industry. This encyclopaedia is updated regularly with further additions to the lists. A Account Managers, accuracy, air conditioning, Ally, aluminium, ancillary components, angle grinding, annotation, anodising, apprentices,...

Not every project is cut and formed on one machine. Depending on the project we may incorporate all three of our CNC cutting machines, as well as using hand tools and saws. As a multiskilled, single source solution for sheet metal fabricated parts, we’re able to offer true flexibility in production, adding value and reducing costs to our customer’s projects.

Our suite of Trumpf machines at Constant all have automatic sheet loading and removal machines including the Sheetmaster Compact installed on our TruPunch 3000 and the Liftmaster Compact with our TruLaser 3030 machine. This level of sheet metal automation allows us to work with skeleton staff over weekends and during the evenings, as well as increasing our capacity and flexibility to run large batch production runs and offering a quick turn-around on projects.