Constructing metalwork for electronic ballasts - Constant Manufacturing
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Constructing metalwork for electronic ballasts

This month we’ve been manufacturing metal components that form part of an electronic ballast. It may look simple enough, but consider this unit has:

  • 15 fixing holes
  • 10 automatically inserted threaded machine studs and clinch nuts
  • 12 varying holes to pick up for circuit boards and electronic components
  • Over 8 tight bends

A fairly basic looking metal part is in fact quite a complex design and construction.

  1. Firstly it’ll be laid out for production by our CAD team
  2. Then off to our CNC metal laser cutter to cut the profile and internal cut-outs
  3. Once cut, it’s off to our Pemserter and press brake team to bend it into shape, and then insert the clinch fasteners
  4. Once completed the powder coating department use high temperature masking products to protect the threads of all the fasteners and then its through the conveyor pre-treatment line and through the powder coat process
  5. It’s then inspected for perfect paint finish, packed and despatched, via our own transport team, to the customer

All under one roof at our sheet metal factory in Oldham, Manchester.