Factory Tour | CNC Press Brake Machines | Constant Manufacturing
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Digital Factory:
Press Brakes

We have three different models of Press Brakes at Constant, all offering a dynamic and extensive range of CNC bending capabilities, from simple 90o bends to complex radius bends. Using a range of state-of-the-art laser and wireless angle measuring systems we can bend with minute precision and accuracy from first to last bend in complex projects.


Machines: Press Brakes

Models: TruBend 5130, Bystronic Xpert 100, Bystronic Xpert 100

Function: CNC Bending

Precision bends with high-axis accuracy

Our new flagship Bystronic Xpert 100s have increased bending space and capabilities due to it’s 4-cylinder technology construction


One piece of metal, 8 bends…

Radius bend on the TruBend 5130