Factory Tour | Metal Screen Printing and Metal Engraving | Constant Manufacturing
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Digital Factory:
Screen Printing and Engraving

At Constant we have two specialist areas for finishing projects:


Screen printing: Our range of standard and photo luminescent inks, combined with quality stencils, produce some of the highest quality screen print finishes for our client’s parts. Our Super Primex Ever Bright screen printer produces an exceptional professional finish, highly suited to batch production.


Engraving: Our Gravograph metal engraver is a workhorse of a machine, engraving plates, badges and brackets 24/7. This machine is utilised to add serial numbers, details and small branding logos onto a range of parts and projects, typically enhancing the customer’s overall design. The Gravograph can engrave minute detail, with an engraving track starting at just 0.32mm in size.


Gravograph 15600xp metal engraver

Any font and font size up to machine bed size of 1220 x 610mm

Braille compatible

Numerlas, alphabet, characters, logos and signage

Super Primex Ever Bright screen printer

Low volume to high batch volume runs

Natgraph conveyorised infra red dryers

Ability to print onto plastic, stainless steel, aluminium, polished brass, copper, silver, powder coated metals




Engraving the Strongarm GPU Bracket

Our Super Primex Ever Bright screen print machine