Expansion of our Sheet Metal Manufacturing Site - Constant Manufacturing
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Expansion of our Sheet Metal Manufacturing Site

Alongside, a new wagon, and our ISO certification being approved, the summer became a notable point in our Constant Group history, as we have been able to expand the factory and offices significantly.

Constant Group Expansion

We’re fortunate that the opportunity came around to buy our neighbouring warehouse, to which we’re joined at the hip (much like a terrace house but in industrial units!). As a result, we’ll be adding just over 50% onto our current floor size giving us a site of 50,000ft2.

Expansion of our Sheet Metal Manufacturing Site

As our sheet metal factory is getting busier by the day, where we’ve recently taken on a range of additional staff to support our growth, we’re pleased to have the room to expand. The expansion will also offer greater capacity in the jobs we can fulfil as well as additional automation in our production lines.

We’ve not even moved in yet, but the CAD engineering team have already been designing the new office furniture and desks! The purpose-built office desk units will be built around the needs of the CAD team with flat screen monitors in the side to demo projects for better collaborative working, and the desks have job card ‘in and out trays’ for easier workflow management. We look forward to working with some of our customers to help manufacture the multi material desks and furniture in the coming weeks.

Constant Group New Office