Fabricating a new breed of smart watch display stands - Constant Manufacturing
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Fabricating a new breed of smart watch display stands

We work closely with several retail display companies to bring their design concepts to life, and this month was no different with a new POS display stand being required.

A suite of over 150 units were manufactured to go from sheet metal, to store ready, in a quick turnaround. We have two specialist retail and POS CAD design engineers who can quickly take concepts to factory ready using their leading industry experience.

Their experience allowed them to naturally build in hemmed edges for safety (to eliminate sharp edges) through to giving the bottom part of the stand an extra weight by designing them in box section so it wouldn’t topple over.

Features of Smart Watch Display Stands

Our long-serving, and highly skilled, press brake team were able to negotiate several tricky folds and bends in the unit that was manufactured from CR4 mild steel. These bends produced a side cabinet allowing the store to securely attach the display models of the smart sport watches, while keeping them safe and cables out-of-sight.

As we’re able to go from desk to delivery under one roof, we powder coated the finished displays in white gloss, and fully assembled the units including adding vinyl graphics.

Finally, each unit was packed, ready for high-street store delivery.

Smart watch display stands

Smart watch display stand