Factory Update: Creative Ideas - Constant Manufacturing
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Factory Update: Creative Ideas

As part of our investment in the business this year, we’ve already seen the introduction of our new Press Brakes and Fibre Laser machinery, as well as expansion into our new offices and manufacturing unit. This spring has seen the face-lift take shape with first the arrival of our new VW Caddy Van.

The van replaces our smaller white van, as it allows for large deliveries as well as pallets to be delivered quicker and more cost effectively in the Greater Manchester area.

Van Art Application
Vinyl Van Art
Constant Group Van


Once the van arrived we wasted no time in getting it blinged up with logos and contact information, including our GB flag and dates.

While the van was being outfitted, the new manufacturing unit was being measured up for it’s facelift. When we expanded into our neighbouring building, we redeveloped the office block to accommodate all departments in one office to make for better departmental communications, and quicker project turnaround.


Wall Art Constant Group
Reception Wall Graphics

Constant Manufacturing Office


The walls were measured, checked, and checked again, by our in-house design and marketing team and ideas were sketched up. We wanted to keep with our brand colours and forward thinking marketing, so went for a full scale onslaught! Every wall in the office, including the doors have been attacked by the marketing team. From growth mindset quotes, to cheeky signage on the bathroom doors!

Door Vinyl Graphics


Constant Group Building

While the walls were being printed, the new Constant Metal sign was being installed on the front of the unit, and the external reception door and windows being drafted up. In fitting with our existing external decals we opted to continue our suite of blue and red across the front of the building, and echo the designs that await visitors and staff inside.