Factory Update: New Bystronic Press Brakes - Constant Manufacturing
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Factory Update: New Bystronic Press Brakes

It’s the new year, and we’re fully settled into the new offices, while the factory and shop-floor start to take shape in their new 50,000ft2 manufacturing home. The move into a large foot print has enabled us to invest in larger capacity and more efficient press brake machinery with the arrival of two new Bystronic Xpert 100s. These press brakes will complement our existing TruBend machines, all to be housed together in a newly dedicated ‘Bend’ part of our factory.  First job was to clear out the new press brake’s home, and give it a lick of paint.

Prepared Flooring

The arrival of two machines, into a 24/7 factory was a challenge, but the fantastic removers and installers were fully prepared. First was the arrival of the machines, shortly followed by a heavy duty craned wagon.

Factory Update: New Bystronic Press Brakes

A high-wind meant the experienced installers knew exactly how to get our new toys from wagon to factory floor safely.

Press Brake Delivery - Bystronic

Onto the moving installation wagon…

Press Brake Delivery - Bystronic

The guys then negotiated the existing factory, past the golden oldy press brakes to the machine’s home.

Two machines, weighing in over 8.6 tonnes each meant for a delicate and precision installation… on roller skates!

Movable Press Brakes

Factory Update: New Bystronic Press Brakes

Once machine one was in place, it was time for it’s twin to be installed.

The new bending machines are in place, and getting put through their set up and testing before they come on-line within our production line.

With our press brakes now being housed together, it allows us to have an even more efficient flow of product from cut, to bend onto fabrication, before heading to finishing and powder coating. We’re excited to start getting to work with the new additions to our sheet metal machine family, including the new 3D offline programming bend software for the CAD team.