Freestanding garage racking for ExxonMobil Oil Lubricants - Constant Manufacturing
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Freestanding garage racking for ExxonMobil Oil Lubricants

Display racking isn’t as simple as a few pieces of metalwork, and some shelves. Depending on what is going to be placed on the shelves, purpose, and the foot traffic of the environment, it can make big differences to the materials and design of a retail display and shelving unit.

ExxonMobil Oils needed a refreshed series of freestanding garage displays to go in a range of outlets across the UK, which we were delighted to manufacture. Not only did these displays need to focus on their brand and products, but they also had to be functional, as they were to be used daily for oil top ups.

Garage Shelf Display Boxes

Garage Shelf DisplayThe top tier holds the bag-in-a-box lubricants, not too dissimilar to wine boxes!

We were briefed that the larger tray underneath needs to host plastic oil pouring jugs, not too dissimilar to watering cans.

We redesigned the larger tray to protrude out, so any dripped oil from the above boxes is caught in the jugs, and not wasted. Also giving a more professional look to the stand, as the oily drip mess is minimised. Likewise, the tilted top shelf had to incorporate spout holes.

Top Shelf Spout Design

Like all projects, first up was the CAD design team taking the design, and adding value in terms of manufacturing method, design and construction. Our experienced team was able to design the unit to be predominately constructed using the press brakes and a few spot welds, vs sheets and parts welded together. This allowed for quick construction, a smoother finish and easier post-assembly by the customer.

CAD Drawings

Similarly, to give maximum flexibility on the containers and boxes to be displayed, and to help future-proof the unit, we manufactured the stand with multiple set up solutions with a traditional clip and hold style shelf racking system.

Clip and Hold Shelving

The freestanding displays were fabricated from CR4 mild steel, to make sure it could withstand the weight of gallons of liquid containers and bottles, as well as stay upright if the display becomes top heavy. The shop racking had to be flexible for small branding strips, as well as encompass lips around the shelf trays. The base was made from steel box section, to give a deliberate weight to the retail display stand.

Mobil Oil Shelf Racking

The CAD design team had to consider assembly on-site for the display units, which meant we produced a range of instructions to allow for easy, IKEA-like assembly.

Assembly Instructions