Freestanding POS Display - Constant Manufacturing
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Freestanding POS Display

We’ve recently had the pleasure of designing an addition to the Fitbit POS Display we manufactured.

Fitbit Metal POS Display

The display stand would allow the unit to be positioned on retail shop floors, without the need for taking up counter space. The base unit has a euro hook back plate which holds display brackets to display stock of the activity trackers and accessories.

Brackets for Freestanding Display

The full unit was powder coated finish in white to match the existing top POS units. Below is an example of a completed top unit fixed to the prototype display stand. We popped the unit on the stand to make sure once all the product models, electronics and materials are in the top section the whole display remains stable and freestanding, which of course it did.

Manufacturing Freestanding Metal POS Display Manufacturing Freestanding Metal POS Display

We further learnt from our client that many of these displays were destined for department stores in the UK and America.