Full Manufacturing Solution for Fitbit POS Displays - Constant Manufacturing
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Full Manufacturing Solution for Fitbit POS Displays

This week we’re proud to be working with renowned activity trackers and fitness product pioneers, Fitbit, by manufacturing over 120 Retail POS Displays for a range of their European retailers.

Customer’s concept POS drawing

It all started with a concept drawing from the client, where our in-house CAD team got to work, visualising their idea into a true 3D model with industry leading software SolidWorks.

Our CAD Design Team’s working CAD drawing

Our 3D prototype drawings are a true visualisation of the end product, taking into account the metal and non-metal materials, bends, studs, joints and so on to bring the idea to life.

Assembly drawing from SolidWorks


Before the final design is signed off by the client, the factory floor prepare a prototype out of metal, to make sure everything aligns, fits and the customer is happy and the production processed is outlined for the most efficient use of resources.

Assembling the Metal POS Display prototype Assembling the prototype

Once Fitbit were happy with the proposed drawings and metal prototype, our CAD Designers prepared the machine drawings for production, where the metal magic happens in our sheet metal fabrication factory.

It all started with a piece of sheet of metal…

Taking a sheet of mild steel, or CR4 Cold Reduced Steel for the metal fanatics out there, the craftsmen and welders were away. First step was to take the sheet through the state-of-the-art Trumpf Laser Cutter, TruLaser 3030 machine, then it took a visit to the Trumpf TruBend 5130 for shaping where then it was off to the PEMSerter 2000 to be studded for the back panel to be fixed to the front unit and for the base self clinching nuts to be installed.

Integrated Speaker and Clinch Nuts

In this photo, the Laser Cutter created the holes for the speakers, and the PEMSerter installed the clinch nuts

The original piece of sheet metal was now taking shape, and just a few TIG and MIG welds by our skilled welders would see to the POS shape’s completion before being linished (grinded and belt sanded to you and me). Finally, the display heads to our specialist on-site powder coating floor for colouring.

Once cured, the bare POS Display Unit goes to our assembly department, where the TV unit (complete with memory cards and cabling), various Fitbit display models and vinyl graphics are applied. For quality assurances we tested every TV screen worked and the retail display played, giving piece of mind to the customer.

From sheet metal to the finished colourful POS

Finished FitBit Retail Display Unit

The finished retail display unit for Fitbit boasts a colourful design, small footprint, and integrated TV unit supplied by the client.

Anti-theft security brackets, as standard with POS displays

Furthermore, we installed security brackets to prevent theft of the wristbands, speaker holes in the back panels for sound clarity and integrated holes for cabling.

Boxed for Delivery - Metal POS Displays

Now completed, wrapped and boxed up, the delivery is off to Europe to be installed across their suite of Electrical Retailers.

Snap-on metallic vinyl graphics

If you’re wondering who did the colourful graphics, then that would be our next door neighbours (literally). A specialist print-house on our doorstep meant they could supply the full-colour, cut to size, magnetic vinyl sheets that were easily ‘snapped on’ to each of our units. We find this is a great way of attaching graphics to retail displays as they can be updated easily without the need for adhesive removal products or damaging the original display.