Installation of the Trumpf Quick Sharp - Constant Manufacturing
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Installation of the Trumpf Quick Sharp

This summer saw us upgrade our Trumpf Quick Sharp machine to a newer, digital model. Our previous Quick Sharp machine was a manually operated sharpener, however we chose to upgrade this time to a digital version. The digital version of the Quick Sharp should speed up the process, reduce tooling re-sharpening errors, as well as reduce downtime on tools being out of operation.

Delivery of our Quick Sharp by Trumpf Installation team.

Quick sharp installation Quick sharp installation Quick sharp installation

Quick sharp installationOnce installed, our Operations Manager inducted the new Quick Sharp into the family with a Constant Group branding badge.

The Quick Sharp machine is quite nifty really; we place a worn tool inside the quick Sharp where it is automatically clamped into position and then proceeds to regrind it. This hopefully ensures the tool pieces are kept in top-notch condition.

We chose the Trumpf Quick Sharp, due the machine’s reliability, quality finish of the regrinding and user friendly nature for our Machine Operators to work with. Also having a re-sharpening tool on-site means we have greater control of tooling and operation scheduling as we don’t have to outsource, and add onto lead times for any of our tooling maintenance. Vitally important as Constant operate nights and weekends, where we can’t be without a tool waiting for a tool sharpener to open!