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Lean, green, delivering machines…

Or in this case copper peach. We’ve been looking into ways Constant Manufacturing can make our business more green, economical and efficient (alongside our Lean Manufacturing pledge) so our Operations Manager has been out and about getting the low-down on Mitsubishi’s new Fuso Canter Eco-Hybrid green wagons. We’ve opted to research the Mitsubishi Fuso range first as our current fleet are Fusos which have been ever so reliable and highly operational over the years. Mitsubishi’s new Fuso Canter

These Canters have a new Eco-Hybrid engine which combines a Lithium Ion battery with an efficient diesel engine resulting it less CO2, NOx and PM emissions. Significantly environmentally friendly compared to our current Fuso Canters.

He went to test drive the new 7.5 tonne size diesel hybrid, at the Fuso Mitsubishi Mercedes Benz Centre in North Yorkshire. The new hybrid model boasts a 5.5 tonne payload, meaning we could load over a tone more onto our wagons of your deliveries, and it only takes up the space of a 7.5 tonne vehicle. This means we can still fit the wagons into our customer’s car parks, especially those who may not benefit from a deliver unloading area.

Mitsubishi’s new Fuso Canter

The biggest benefit of the Mitsubishi Hybrids is their fuel efficiency. They typically boast an impressive 25% fuel emissions saving over 4 years helped by the tear drop roof giving better aerodynamics on the road.

Better fuel economy, less emissions and greater tonnage would result in an all round better fleet of wagons for us and our customers. Don’t worry, we’ll be sporting a white or red wagon if we opt for the Fuso’s… not peach!