Manufacturing a set of fire extinguisher cabinets - Constant Manufacturing
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Sheet metal fire cabinet

Manufacturing a set of fire extinguisher cabinets

Recently at Constant Manufacturing, we’ve been working through an order for freestanding metal cabinets to house a range of fire extinguisher equipment from traditional fire extinguishers, to an industrial site, fire safety equipment and tools. 

Batch manufacturing fire equipment cabinets

Firstly our team of CAD engineers made sure to build up the design to make the cabinets robust, to protect the equipment inside as much as possible, as well as give the cabinets longevity in design and finish.

Once the drawings were finalised, the shop floor team got to work. The cabinets were primarily cut on our Bystronic Laser Cutter, with some additional pieces created on our Trumpf CNC punch. 

Secure hinges in fire equipment cabinets

Added to the metalwork for the cabinet were secure hinges – a type of hinge we knew to be reliable and successful as we’ve used them in hundreds of telecoms cabinets we manufacture each year.

Forklift safe high-rise metal cabinet feet

Of course, the metal cabinets weigh a few kilos so we designed the cabinets to have tall enough feet that were easy for  forklift or hand forklift to go underneath that can move the cabinets effectively, as well as bolt points to fix the cabinet on the floor.

Bracing and lifting hooks

Another feature designed into the cabinets were hooks for lifting the cabinets into place, especially useful for construction sites where the cabinet may be placed on a specific level unreachable by a forklift. Air vents were added to keep the equipment inside at peak condition.

Air ventilation panels

The final touches for the fire cabinets involved a gloss powder coat red finish and some vinyl decal markings for the client.

Large freestanding metal fire equipment cabinet
Large freestanding metal fire equipment cabinet

For more information on how Constant Manufacturing can help you with your next metal cabinet design and manufacture or a sub-contracting project, get in touch with the team at or call back request.