Manufacturing and powder coating air conditioning unit parts - Constant Manufacturing
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Manufacturing and powder coating air conditioning unit parts

The team quickly snapped some photos of a few parts going through our powder coating plant this week, these particular metal parts are about to be cleaned down and then painted for an air conditioning unit we’ve been subcontracted to make parts and sections for.

Air conditioning sub contractor parts - the powder coating process

The sheet metal parts were first cut on our CNC punch machine before being constructed by our welding and fabrication team.

Once welded, and then smoothed down by our linishers and grinders, they head to our on-site powder coating plant where the metal is first cleaned and dried before a gunmetal grey powder is applied before being cured in the industrial oven. 

We sub contract air conditioning parts

We’ve manufactured a wide range of metal air conditioning parts and HVAC related parts over the years, from small to supersize as well as metal ventilation units and air duct covers.

Sample parts for Air Conditioning Units
Read our case study about the sample parts for an electrical box for air conditioning units

For more information on how Constant Manufacturing can help you with your next sheet metal part or sub-contracting project, get in touch with the team at or call back request.