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Manufacturing Case Studies
Case Study: Finished DOOH Display
Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) Display Manufacturing Case Study

Take a look at how we redeveloped and manufactured a freestanding digital out of home (DOOH) display for a retail display customer. The DOOH stepped through every section of our manufacturing site from CAD Design and laser cutting, through to powder coating and assembly.

Manufacturing Case Study - Magnetic Display
Kitchen Magnet Display

Made from Zintec, this counter top rotating display incorporates a lazy Suzanne mechanism and a gloss black powder coating finish. The end product is a discreet shop counter-top display to hold kitchen magnets. Read how we took the zintec to delivery in our recent manufacturing case study.

Machine Panel Manufacturing Case Study
Machine Panel Cover

This machine panel cover may look like a ‘simple’ part, but it is far more complex involving expert CAD engineering and programming of our new Press Brake machines, through to detailed tricky screen printing. All to make sure it goes from cut to bend smoothly on a large production scale.

Manufacturing a Food Funnel Case Study
Machine Electrical Cabinet Case Study

Metal Food Production Funnel

Have a look at how we made this curvaceous funnel for a food production line machine. Looks like a fairly simple funnel, right? Have a read to see how we made it from 2mm stainless steel, utilising precision design and skilled manufacture.

Machine Electrical Cabinet

Precision design, immaculate finishing and swift manufacturing were required for a new electrical cabinet/box for an automated production machine.

Computer GPU Bracket

A case study following the prototyping of a set of brackets to hold a graphic processing unit (GPU). The enquiry came from a start-up business looking to create a universal support bracket that can be utilised in any PC casing which involved laser cutting, engraving and bending.

POS Case Study

We were approached to take a 3D visualisation render of a retail POS display by our client and create it into reality. The end display unit was made completely in-house at Constant Manufacturing from brief to delivery.

Finished and Assembled Retail POS Display
Home Security Display Unit
Retail Display Unit Case Study

This manufacturing case study follows the prototype process of manufacturing a display for a home security brand which had to include a tamper / theft proof stand for the display model.

Telecoms Enclosure
Mobile Mast Enclosure Case Study

These cabinets are enclosures that wrap around a telephone mast to house equipment for the mast. This telecoms enclosure is made from pieces of stainless steel with a powder coated finish.

Internet of Things Case Study
Manufacturing Case Study

IoT Interactive Display Unit

A case study looking into the manufacture of freestanding Internet of Things units that we designed and manufactured for a kiosk printing solutions company. They were after several  units that could house a Microsoft Surface Pro securely, as well as a bulky printer.

Interactive Display Unit

We’re looking at how we made a set of metal interactive display units from several pieces of metal, with ancillary components supplied by the customer such as; hard drives, fans, routers and a touch screen display in our latest manufacturing case study.

Radic Junior For Radan

When Radan wanted to design and manufacture a miniature robot called Radic Jnr, they approached Constant Manufacturing, and we were more than happy to oblige with such a quirky sheet metal project!

Large Security Cabinet And Safe Manufacturing Case Study

Electric Box Part Samples

A case study with a difference; giving an overview of how we go through the design, sampling and manufacturing process using various form tools, hinged component design, machine and fast bends for an internal electrical box for an air conditioning unit.

Large Security Cabinet And Safe

This case study follows a double tier, large security safe cabinet. The cabinet measures over 1500mm in height, over 160kg in weight, and was manufactured from 7 sheets of steel. A formidable project that we took from CAD design and prototyping into full production and assembly.

Metal CCTV Arm And Bracket

A case study following a camera arm with fixing bracket through the factory floor. This metal bracket involved a few unique elements from steel tube fast bends through to HR4 versus the usual CR4 steel.

Video Case Study Showcase

Metal CCTV Arm

Radic Junior

Strongarm GPU Bracket

Watch Retail Display