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L'Bode Log Burner

Manufacturing Case Study




End user




We believe that a wood burning stove should not only be an energy-efficient source of heating, but the focal point of your garden. Effortlessly elegant, our log burners are designed with longevity in mind.⁣⁣ When the colder weather arrives, nothing beats the appeal of a wood burning stove.

A place for family to gather, a corner to cosy up in, log fires sit at the heart of any welcoming home.⁣ The clean-burn and air-wash technology built into each of our wood burning stoves substantially reduces emissions and contributes to a cleaner environment, while delivering an outstanding level of efficiency. Combining all the charm of a traditional stove with innovative modern wood burner technology, promising years of reliable use.⁣⁣

CAD Design

The team of CAD engineers produced a complete visualisation of the POS Retail Display including the vinyl graphics and product units to be installed onto the display.

The unit is constructed from two sheets of mild steel. To give the best end result for the customer we used 2mm thick mild steel for some elements, and for small parts, and unseen parts, we used 1.5mm thick mild steel.

Laser Cutter

The sheet metal is loaded onto our laser cutter for the main shapes to be formed. The photo is of the main body of the POS display, made from 1.5mm thick mild steel, with; screw holes, product display sections, TV display cut-out and various shapes cut during the laser cutter stage to enable an efficient fabrication and assembly.

Press Brake

Next the laser cut parts were taken to our suite of press brake machines to be bent into shape. They are programmed by our experienced supervisors who make sure that each bend aids a swift manufacture of the units.

Did you know

We have two CNC inserter machines that can auto insert 900 bolts or screws an hour!


Once bent, the pieces are then taken to the team of fabricators who get to work forming the main base unit for the display. Then the team of linishers and grinders get to work on the units to make sure the entire display is smooth and free from blemishes.

Did you know

The watches and cables are kept secure with tamper proof bolts and fastenings designed by the team.

Powder coat

The smooth metal displays are now sent to the on-site powder coat plant to go through the pre-wash, coating and curing stages of the finishing process. The curing oven process allows the powder coating mixture to fix onto the metal, producing a higher-quality finish without the need for traditional wet paints.

Assembly & Boxed

When the units are cool, all the pieces are sent to the assembly department. Constant have a full assembly team in-house allowing for all stages of the production to be done under one roof.

Once the white units are assembled, it was time to add all the display watches, flat panel screen, graphics and power cables. Then each POS display unit is packed securely into boxes ready for store delivery.

Final Product

The completed units were well received by the retailers as they arrived ready to be displayed with secured cables connected and in place, and the units fitted perfectly into their store shelving. Our client was delighted with the finished quality, assembly and overall production of the units.

Our staff took great pride seeing the work they had produced in their local high-street retailer, and only a week after they had taken it from metal to fully assembled unit!

– Matt Garlick, Managing Director of Constant Group Ltd

Fitness tracker POS Display for leading high-street stores
Fitness tracker POS Display for leading high-street stores
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