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Home Security Retail Display Stand

Manufacturing Case Study


Retail display solutions company


High-street retailers


Personal Home Security


We were approached to manufacture a prototype display for a cutting edge home security brand. This project involved design development, producing a detailed 3D render of the display stand, and integrating a theft proof rotating platform for the product.

CAD & Laser Cut

Our sheet metal CAD engineers developed the design with the client, and produced a realistic 3D render using SolidWorks.

The manufacturing stage of the project started with a sheet of mild steel and our laser cutting machine.

Thread Insertion

Next was to insert threaded studs and nuts by our nut insertion machines on-site at Constant. This allows us to pre-insert specific fixings into the metalwork, making the manufacturing and assembly process quicker. These prototypes had numerous different sizes of fixings inserted using these machines, before heading to the press brake team.

Press Brake

Next the press brake operators were on hand to fold all the programmed folds. Firstly they set up the bending machines, writing he CNC programs then setting up the correct top and bottom tools. Piece by piece the metalwork was bent into shape, creating the base, back plate and unit’s stand.


The metalwork pieces were then collected by the welding team. The welders had the CAD team’s engineering drawings and instructions so they knew exactly what pieces were joined together. Using spot welding and TIG welding the components were expertly welded together.

The metalwork was to be powder coated, which meant the grinding department had to get to work to smooth down any burrs or imperfections in the metalwork and clean up all the welds for a perfect finish. You can see the before and after of the grinding and polishing processes in the photos.

Prototype Check

As the unit was a prototype, the CAD designers often test the unit as it’s being manufactured. This gives them the opportunity to tweak the design to work more efficiently and/or be manufactured more effectively. This unit involved some tweaks to the base plate that will secure the sensor to the display. Revisions to the design are annotated on the engineering drawings then sent back to the design office so the change registers are updated and all the 3D models and engineering drawings. Amends are made and the up-revision part is popped back onto the laser machine and fabricated on-the-go.

Powder Coat & Assembly

These display units, to fit with the branding, are then powder coated white and black. Even the smallest bracket, that isn’t visible to the customer, is powder coated in white to produce a consistent finish and quality to the client.

As this is a prototype display unit, our CAD engineers assemble the metalwork together, producing assembly instructions and notes along the way.

Final Product

For this unit we aren’t manufacturing or assembling the back LED graphics panel or base graphics, so we send the sample display units to them for final design assembly and approval. This is how it looks before it left the factory. You can see the plate for the product to dock too, as well as the cut out for the display screen to sit in. We’ve done some Photoshop work on the model, to highlight how the graphics would be applied and visually look when it goes into full production.

Demonstration Display Unit
Demonstration Display Unit
Finished Prototype of Home Security Display Stand
Finished Prototype of Home Security Display Stand
Next Steps
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