Manufacturing Encyclopaedia - Constant Manufacturing
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Manufacturing Encyclopaedia

An A to Z exploring the capabilities, sectors, processes, employees and projects at Constant Manufacturing and the sheet metal fabrication industry. This encyclopaedia is updated regularly with further additions to the lists.


Grinding down supermarket checkout stands

Account Managers, accuracy, air conditioning, Ally, aluminium, ancillary components, angle grinding, annotation, anodising, apprentices, arc welding, assembly, auto loading, automation, automotive and auxiliary view.

Read more about assembly of products




How its made metal cabinet - label bolts

Bending, bicycle parts, bins, blemish, boards, bolts, book stands, boxes, box section, brackets, Braille, brass, British and business development.

Read about burn reduction for blemishes





Constant Encyclopaedia: C Cabinets

Cabinets, CAD Design, camera brackets, capabilities, castellated, castors, chairman, chests, clamp, CNC, coining, colours, Constant, countersink, CR4 and customer.

Read more about manufacturing and assembling metal cabinets





Rosie and Rudi Dogs

Deburring, decals, deflector, delivery/despatch, density, design/drawing, detail, diameter , die, dimensions, directors, DNC, documentation, dogs, door protection plates, draughtsman and dull polished.

Read more about deburring by our  experienced metal grinders, polishers and linishers




How it’s Made: Metal Bracket - Engraving

Easy bend, electrical components, elevation view, email newsletters, emboss punch tool, Emma, enclosures, engineering, England, engraving, expedite and exploded view.

Read our  Electric Box Part Sample blog article.





Powder Coating Finishing

Fabrication, family, fax, fettle, filter, finishing, fixture & fittings, force and form tool.

Read our full family history, about us.





Gauge (often referred to as Standard Wire Gauge (SWG))

Galling, galvanised, Garlick & Group, gas, gauge, geometry, grease, grinding and growth

Read more about the Garlick family, and how the Group was established.





Hexagon and Holes

Hatched, headlights, heat, heavy fabrication, helmet, help, hexagon and holes, hinges, hospitals and hotels

Recently we demonstrated one of our head lamp projects in a case study.





Train Head Light Welding

Illuminated, industrial, innovation & invention, inserts, inspection & ISO certification and Internet of Things Displays (IoT)

Read more about how we recently manufactured an IoT display kiosk.






Jack, jacket, Jayne, jig, jobs, joggle and juniors

Keep up-to-date with the juniors at Constant on Instagram.





Example CAD assembly drawings

K-factor (a bending parameter in CAD Software), kilo, klingspor, knuckles

Find out more about our CAD design team.





Digital Factory: Trumpf TruLaser 3030


Laser cut, linishing, LED Light racking systems, lighting housing units

Take a tour of our Laser Cutting machine.




Powder Coating

Manufacturing, Matt Garlick (Managing Director), medical, media lighting Model (3D), menu cases

Explore our full manufacturing capabilities





Fixings and Inserts: Manufacturing a Metal Display Unit

Night shift, nitrogen cut, nuts & bolts

Learn the nuts and bolts of our Pemserter machines





CNC Bending: Manufacturing a Metal Display Unit

Offices, operators, ovens, oxygen

Our digital factory tour will take you from our Office to our shop floor





Subcontract Manufacturing

Pemsert machine, pipeline, powder coating, POP/POS displays, press brake, press, pre-treat, prototype, punch

Read more about Powder Coating and Finish Styles






Quality, quick sharp, quick-plate

Find out about our quick-plate service





Radius bend on the press brakes

Radan, radius tooling, railway components, railway infrastructure parts, Rosie and Rudi (our dogs), rolling, router cabinets

Here’s our blog piece about our press brake radius tools





Testing the drawer

Safes, sample, server cabinets, screen printing, showers, signage, Solid Works, stainless steel, steel, store fittings

We recently published a case study of a large security safe we manufactured






Tagged, “Tin Basher”, telephone, telecommunications, tooling, Trumpf

We are the manufacture of choice for major telecom cabinet providers





Radan Radic Jnr Model


Unique bespoke designs, utility cabinets

We designed and manufactured a unique piece of metalwork for Radan to celebrate their 40th anniversary.




Air ventilation work

Ventilation, virgin steel, vinyl plotting, vinyl graphics

This photo is from a blog article about large ventilation ducts we manufactured





Step Seven – Fabricating the Bracket

Water testing machine, water samplers, wet room, weld stud, welding

Learn about our extensive welding department in our digital factor tour




X, Y & Z

Punching motion

X & Y axis machine plane, Xeon, YAG laser, Zinc, zintec, Zygology

Through our Digital Factor, you can explore our range of machines, including our X & Y axis machines, such as our Trumatic 5000R.