Manufacturing few 1000 metal shelf racking for DIY retailer - Constant Manufacturing
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Manufacturing few 1000 metal shelf racking for DIY retailer

Everywhere you walk in a supermarket, shopping centre, garden centre and DIY store you’ll see metal shelf racking. Metal shelving is durable, cost-efficient, and versatile, It doesn’t damage easily when store layouts get rejigged, and can withstand bumps and foot traffic of high-volume before it even starts to show wear. As a result, we manufacture a large range of metal racking you’ll find in supermarket chewing gum stands through to DIY store heavy duty shelving.

metal shelf racking testing
We popped in the factory this week to see a project being manufactured. A recent order for 15,000 divider arms has been working its way through the factory from laser cutting and bending the hook, to cutting the box section tube that will take the brunt of the load weight.
The welder uses a jig designed by our CAD engineering team to speed up the batch production. Each one is placed into the jig, and the welder systematically MIG welds the sides of the box section tube to the hook that will be placed on the shelving wall.

Metal shelf racking welding jig
Metal racking ready for paint
Once the parts are welded together, they bypassed the linshing and polishing department and headed straight into a metal cage to the powder coating plant to be powder coated the DIY stores colour scheme. It’s usual for work to bypass the linishing team who clean up weld marks or grind down burrs, but due to the skilled batch MIG welding, the hidden nature of these parts and the need for a tight strong bond of the box section and hook, these are left as is for painting.