Manufacturing hundreds of Defib Cabinets for the UK - Constant Manufacturing
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Manufacturing hundreds of Defib Cabinets for the UK

Anyone at anytime can suffer a cardiac arrest, which means these little metal cabinets play a potential part in saving someone’s life.

Over 30,000 people suffer a cardiac arrest outside of hospital, and the use of CPF and defibrillator within 3 to 5 minutes can increase their survival chance from 6% to 74%! Manufacturing a selection of robust, IP66 and secure cabinets was key to keep the life saving devices in peek condition and help support the growth of defibs across the UK and now Europe.

Defib Cabinet Metalwork




Grinding the Defib Cabinets
The cabinets, measuring a mere 50cm by 40 cm in size, are made from stainless steel and include a folded profile to stop water ingress.

Each one is cleverly designed to help keep the defib inside at perfect condition, included is an access peep window where the LED operational light can be seen to show that the defib is in perfect order. The cabinet is thermostatically controlled to make sure the defib is kept at optimum running conditions. Even though the cabinets are going to be powder coated, they are meticulously prepped with sanders to give an excellent pre-painted finish.


Powder Coating


We powder coat each with a bright yellow gloss finish. This allows it to be clearly visible in any environment as well as protect against corrosion from the elements if mounted externally.

Powder Coating Defib Cabinets


Yellow Painted Defibrillator Cabinets

You can see fixing holes, as well as pre-inserted threaded studs that are installed to minimise assembly time.  Each cabinet is fitted with concealed hinges, also helping prevent access without the keypad code.


Around the UK



So, the next time you’re out for a walk and pass one, remember they’re lifesavers, made in Manchester.


You’ll even find a defib box in the traditional Red Phone boxes, as over 3000 across the country are getting refurbished into Defib Red Boxes – a fantastic idea.


As seen in Emmerdale!



And, keep a keen eye watching Emmerdale, and you may just spot one of the cabinets.