Metal Louvered Panel - Constant Manufacturing
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Metal Louvered Panel

A quick look at a ventilation panel that caught the team’s attention in the factory this month.

This simple looking panel is manufactured from 1.5mm galvanised steel, and includes 378 louvers! The panel is to house a filter for a large telecommunications company, and as part of the brief is the untouched finish. It couldn’t have any grinding or linishing, to prevent any imperfections in the raw galvanised material.

Our client even specified the style of louver they wanted, which is to help the air filtration of the filter it is to house. We had to adjust part of the design they provided us with, to allow for our manufacturing capabilities and make it swifter in manufacture when it reached our press-brake department. The unit was then riveted to form the shape, versus welding, part due to the nature of the unit, and part because it is unlikely to be seen by the public, so a neat/tidy weld corner is less required.

Metal Louvered Panel