Metal Packaging Funnel Challenge - Constant Manufacturing
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Metal Packaging Funnel Challenge

Do you remember when we documented in a case study a conical metal packaging funnel? Well, we’ve just been through the design and prototyping process for a similar, and more complex big sister version with the same customer.

This funnel had the challenge of starting as a circle to end into a square joint.

Packaging Metal Funnel

The funnel is made from 316 Stainless Steel DP1 sheet metal with a thickness of 1.2mm. It was first laser cut with marks/scores to make the press brake bends even more accurate (see red marks in drawing below). It was then manipulated by our time-served press brake operator to become the finished shape split into two halves.

CAD Drawings of Packaging Metal Funnel

Our welding team then took the two halves, a top chute, and a base plate, to create the finished shape.

Then the grinding and linishing team polished it up to remove any blemishes, and re-finish it to a high-shine on the exterior, while all internal welds have been cleaned with an isojet machine and re-grained for the best possible finish.

Finished Packaging Metal Funnel

Once completed, as part of our ISO 9001 processes, the quality control supervisor reviews the product against the original specification before sending to despatch. In a short few hours, from sheet metal to a food packaging funnel for a leading British food automation packaging company.