New Pulse MIG machine arrives... - Constant Manufacturing
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New Pulse MIG machine arrives…

A new little yellow number has appeared in the welding department! It’s an ESAB Aristo Mig C3000i welding machine, which may be compact in design, but not in power!

New Pulse MIG machine arrivesIt has a built in wire feeder, and is best suited to light fabrications up to approximately 5mm thick. This little guy has an output rating of 300A and a frequency of 50/60 Hz. Its ideal for delivering almost TIG like quality welds at speeds similar to MIG welding. Its also very useful for combating heat build up in parts which can be a pitfall of TIG welding.

All our welders are experienced in all forms of welding from TIG, MIG to the old skills of brazing and soldering. They’re also used to working in a range of materials from aluminium to stainless steel. Good equipment can improve production, delivering higher quality twinned with higher productivity. At Constant we are always adding new plant which can improve process times whilst delivering better quality along the way.