Our windows get a makeover - Constant Manufacturing
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Our windows get a makeover

If you’ve been to our factory recently, you’ll have noticed our decaled doors and windows. We wanted to offer some privacy for our staff, as well as hopefully retaining some heat in the winter and diffuse sunlight in the summer.

Blinds would have given the same benefits, apart from these give us the opportunity to highlight our group of brands, contact information and opening hours to any new visitors on-site.

Our in-house design team went through many ideas before we settled on the final one, including these;

New Window Graphics 3 New Window Graphics 1 New Window Graphics 2

We then made mini windows and doors and played match up to get a design that represented all our brands, as well as a touch of British red, white and blue (without being over the top like our Union Jack idea).

Windows Jigsaw

Our neighbours, Synk Creative were our supplier of choice for the final design, and offered advice and guidance along the way, including the measuring and finishing touches to the design. Next out was the tape measure, and just like the CAD team, measure twice, cut once! The measures sheet looked like hieroglyphics by the team we were finished.


Synk Creative’s team printed and cut the graphics for us and within a week their fitting team were on site, and in less than an hour our windows went from average to awesome!

And what’s really clever, due to the material and design, we have full vision inside of the loading bays and visitors to reception so we don’t miss any deliveries or visitors.

Windows from inside