Pies & Puds for Countryfile’s Children in Need Big Ramble - Constant Manufacturing
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Pies & Puds for Countryfile’s Children in Need Big Ramble

Regular readers of our newsletter will know how our staff like to take to a challenge to raise some money for great charities, and this month was no different as our Marketing Manager took part in one of the Big Rambles for BBC Children in Need with none other than BBC Countryfile. But first things first, there was some fundraising to do!

Pies and Puds PosterPosters, which you can download from the Children in Need Fundraising Tools Page, started to appear on the two main office doors… ‘Pies & Puds’ we’re on the horizon much to the teams delight.

Our fundraising box arrived on the Thursday, and ready to start overflowing with donations for admission to the Pies & Puds Buffet Lunch…

Mr Men cakes adorned with Children in Need flags, chocolate cakes topped with spotted buttons, double helping of homemade mash and gravy with a choice of pies (Steak and Ale, and Chicken and Leek) even with little cheese cubes on sticks to name but a few treats!


The steak pie (made with the CAD team’s favourite Doom Bar Amber Ale) was polished off in moments, with the chocolate brownies disappearing as quickly as the pie. Customers to the site timed their trip well as some even joined us for a slice and mash, popping a few pounds in the pot in return. One’s asked next time to give him a heads up so he can ‘make a reason’ to visit the factory, which made us chuckle.

All-in-all the lunch was a success, raising over £100 on the day doubling the target, with money still coming in from the I-O-Us, as several staff took cakes and pie slices home for their weekend lunches.

Buffet Spread

The following day it was Ramble time, and here are a few photos from the experience.

Adam Henson, also known to some as ‘the farmer one’ from Countryfile was a delight, as were the rest of BBC crew, Children in Need team and those from Sheffield Young Carers who joined the 50 or so general public on the ramble. The young carers were especially great to meet, sharing their stories and hopefully having a memorable experience in the country.

Trig PointSome great views, challenging climbs, interesting rocky descents all with magnificent people made for a wonderful 9 mile ramble round the Peak District. You can find out how to support Children in Need here, or watch the special Countryfile show on the 1st of November, and text in to the special Ramble Donation Number which will be launched on the show.

BBC Ramble