Point of purchase display stand assembly - Constant Manufacturing
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Point of purchase display stand assembly

Sometimes clients simply want the raw parts cut and finished, and delivered to their factory for use in a larger project. Other times were employed to do a full assembly of a unit, and this is a prime example of such a project for a point of purchase display cabinet we’ve been batch manufacturing.


Point of purchase display stand assembly
These units are designed, manufactured and assembled all in our sheet metal factory. We source and install the plastic ‘glass’ panel at the top of the unit, while adding price and branding display strips to every shelf.


The central plastic product dispenser mechanism parts are sent to us from our client, so we can install them, and the final graphics to the unit before shrink wrapping and delivering to our client. This means the POP display unit is complete, and just needs the product adding when delivered to store.


Point of purchase display stand assembly

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