POS Manufacturing Showcase - Constant Manufacturing
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POS Manufacturing Showcase

Our fabrication department has had a wealth of projects over the last 12 months, and some of the most visual and dynamic projects came from our range of POS and display clients.
We’ve been privileged to manufacture a range of sport and tracker displays such as this one for leading high-street retailers and department stores.
How it’s Made: Retail POS Display
Read How it’s Made: Retail POS Display
We’ve relished the opportunity to design and manufacture the displays, whether it’s been prototyping models for a security product display…
Demo Finished Prototype: Manufacturing a Metal Display Unit
Designing and Prototyping Processes of a Display Unit
…or designing and manufacturing colourful watch display with integrated LED strips…
Smart Watch Display
Coming soon… How it’s Made: Smart Watch Display
The shop floor also saw an uptake on manufacturing a range of interactive displays, especially with the up-take on IoT (Internet of Things) devices and services.

Read How it’s Made: IoT Integrated & Interactive Display Unit