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Press Brake Tools of the Trade

We are often talking about folding in many of our case studies. While filming some of our latest How it’s Made metalworking case studies, we took a few photos around our press brake machines and by chance it’s shows the large collection of punches and dies we hold in stock.

CNC Press Brakes

The tools of the trade

Each part of a press brake bend involves two parts of a tool. One is the die the other is the top punch. Between them they form the bends required of the project by the top tool applying a precise, controlled force onto the metalwork and pushing the metal in the the selected die. Creating everything from radius bends to acute straight angles.

Press Brake Tool Heads

Here’s a few of our tools in action…

Press Brake: Metal LED Train Light Unit Press Brake: Metal LED Train Light Unit

We can create radius bends of all shapes and sizes including these beauts for our recent train lighting case study we covered on our blog.

Further Reading

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