Press Release: Constantly employing Oldhamers - Constant Manufacturing
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Press Release: Constantly employing Oldhamers

Constant Group’s significant growth have allowed them to undertake an employment drive, with recent hires including six employees from the local Oldham area at the leading sheet metal fabricating company. The jobs were fulfilled using tailored employability schemes such as Oldham Council’s Get Oldham Working scheme, and industry word-of-mouth. Brothers Shane and Peter, along with Michael, Liam and Anthony are Constant’s new starters on a path to learning a range of trades at Constant including warehouse management and welding.

Constant Manufacturing’s newest recruits - Shane, Peter, Michael, Liam and Anthony

Constant Manufacturing’s newest recruits – Shane, Peter, Michael, Liam and Anthony

Constant’s newest starter, Michael, had previously worked at Subway and jumped at the opportunity of a ‘learn on the job’ position as it would give him a trade for life. Michael has joined Constant as a trainee and thus far has already learned shop floor processes, the skills of grinding and fabricating, and will continue his trade journey to learn the technical aspects and techniques of welding.

Newly trained Machine Operator Anthony commented, “I used to work at a furniture construction company, so had some basic experience of manufacturing. Constant have trained me up to learn the company processes and the technical skills in using the machines which I enjoy. The factory is always busy and I’m always learning something new here.”

Anthony joined as one of Constant’s new trainee Machine Operators to aid in managing the fleet of valuable Trumpf equipment alongside our time-served staff, and now works on the laser cutter with minimal supervision after completing a successful training process. David Gilligan, Operations Manager explained, “The Trumpf TruLaser machine is worth £455,000, and we wouldn’t allow anyone to operate it solo if we didn’t have confidence and evidence of their skill in using the machine.”

Shane, Warehouse Management Trainee loading the Constant Wagons

Shane, Warehouse Management Trainee loading the Constant Wagons

David continued, “It’s important for us to support the Oldham area with employment opportunities when we can. We’ve been manufacturing in Oldham for 45 years, and our new intake of lads are doing exceptionally well. Several are learning completely new trades which are setting them up for a long-term career at Constant which we’re proud to provide.”

With continuing growth Constant are keen to employ further staff including Welders, a Sales Executive and an additional Wagon Driver, and invite anyone with the appropriate qualifications to get in touch at