Project Snapshot of an LED Train Light Unit - Constant Manufacturing
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Project Snapshot of an LED Train Light Unit

Trains across the UK are upgrading their headlights with new LED technology, and as a result, new lighting units are being manufactured by Constant. With our 500th about to roll off the manufacturing lines, we’re pleased to share a few stages of the manufacturing process.

CAD Drawing: Metal LED Train Light UnitThe new style LED technology simply won’t retro fit into the existing housing units, so a new design and shape had to be carefully designed and manufactured to accommodate the lighting upgrade project. The biggest consideration for this project was to keep the exterior shape and size of the metal work to the same as the out-dated light heads so the replacements could simply slot into place.

Due to the complex nature of the project, and intricate detail required the units are manufactured on two separate machines.

Firstly the main part is cut on our laser cutting machine, the TruLaser 3030. You can see from one of our photos the program layout on the machine’s screen.

Laser Cutting: Metal LED Train Light Unit Laser Cutting: Metal LED Train Light Unit

The second stage is cut on our punch machines. Once all the pieces are cut, the units are expertly bent. Both parts, body and a back plate, have to be bent on the TruBend machines, and both involve using custom in-house manufactured radius bend tools.

Press Brake: Metal LED Train Light Unit Press Brake: Metal LED Train Light Unit

In our short video you can see the press brake has a custom made special die fixed in the machine, and a substantial force of 40 tonne is delivered expertly through the perfect synergy between man and machine, delivering a perfect radius bend.

Radius Bend: Metal LED Train Light UnitAn example of one unit near completion.


Welding: Metal LED Train Light UnitNext the welders got to work… this involves an array of welding techniques including tacking and TIG welding.

Sanding: Metal LED Train Light UnitEven though the LED lighting units are going to be powder coated, we smooth all the edges down from the weld joints and remove any possible blemishes in the metal work with our grinding and linishing team. They use a combination of hand tools, small sanders and a portable belt sander to smooth the metal work down.

Metal LED Train Light UnitOnce it’s smooth, like this, it goes to be powder coated.

We provide a range of colour finishes depending on which train network the lighting housing is going to be used for. Today it was a yellow and black set of lighting units.

Metal LED Train Light Unit