Punch and Laser in Harmony - Constant Manufacturing
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Punch and Laser in Harmony

Not every project is cut and formed on one machine. Depending on the project we may incorporate all three of our CNC cutting machines, as well as using hand tools and saws. As a multiskilled, single source solution for sheet metal fabricated parts, we’re able to offer true flexibility in production, adding value and reducing costs to our customer’s projects.

This is illustrated nicely with a recent stillage we helped design and manufacture for a local North West customer. Our CAD engineers conducted a site visit to assess their needs for the stillage unit, and in conjunction with them designed a vertical stillage cage to hold all the parts and metalwork for their assembly lines.

Stillage CAD Drawings

Parts of the design lent itself to the speed, power and tool set of our CNC TruPunch 5000 machine, such as the side panels and shelving.

But in contrast, the flexibility and cutting ability of our sheet metal laser cutter allowed us to manufacture bespoke panels for the stillage, cutting details such as branding and easy castellation marks for assembly into the design.

Laser Cut Metal Pieces

Laser Cut Metal Pieces

Once the parts were cut, they headed to the next CNC set of machines, our Press Brakes. Our team then used the drawings alongside the CNC program to form the cut pieces of metalwork into the panels and shelves to form the stillage.

Bending stillage parts

Bent metal parts for Stillage