Repeat Batch Production Capabilities - Constant Manufacturing
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Repeat Batch Production Capabilities

In recent week’s we’ve entered into our third and fourth-year batch repeat manufacturing projects and parts for customers. One great example of this is a camera bracket and arm we first manufactured a couple of years ago.

The camera arm bracket is made from a combination of box section steel and thicker HR4 steel. The camera brackets are mounted high up a pole or side of a building, and therefore are subject to extreme bouts of wind, rain, frost and heat, therefore they had to be hard-wearing as well as long-lasting.
Repeat Batch Production Capabilities
We’ve been manufacturing batch runs of this part for several years now, and each time they go through a quality test inspection in our assembly department while their small black plugs are inserted into the side and end.
Repeat Batch Production Capabilities
If you want to know more about how we manufacture this project, we originally covered the project in a full case study called Metal CCTV Arm and Bracket.