Riveting Industrial Metal Cabinets - Constant Manufacturing
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Riveting Industrial Metal Cabinets

We caught some photos of a new cabinet going through the powder coating plant this week. The metal cabinets are designed to hold a range of technical equipment for building infrastructure such as pumps and air filters.

The design incorporates air ventilation, holes for pipework and blank panel for control switches and panel insertion by the customer.
The cabinets didn’t involve any welding, just laser cut, bend and fabrication. And this time the fabrication was riveting the panels together, vs a weld. Riveting cabinets can be a cost-effective, but well-suited solution, for parts that aren’t customer/public facing. These cabinets will generally be situated in control rooms, substations or outbuildings. So there is no need for a high-quality welded edge when simple rivets create the desired outcome. This leads to quick manufacture as the part also doesn’t need grinding/linishing before painting, bringing the cost down for the customer.
Industrial cabinets


Matt black industrial metal cabinets
The units were painted with a matt black finish and paletted up ready for dispatch to the customer. You can see from the photos we also pre-inserted fitting bolts for the internal parts the customer will install. This allows the customer to save time for part fitting and site-installation.