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Metal Cabinets


A fully enclosed ‘box’ made from sheet metal to store electrical switch boards, cables, or other products for the user’s business purpose. Cabinets are usually free standing or affixed to a wall, fully enclosed with secure locking mechanism and hinge door. They can be manufactured from varying types, thicknesses and grades of metal depending on the intended purposes. A medical cabinet would typically be made of a thick steel material with a welded locking mechanism versus a general storage cabinet that could be fabricated from thinner steel with a simple lock system. Examples of cabinets we manufacture include:


These differ from cabinets as they don’t have to be fully enclosed units or completed units. They may also not have a door, but are two pieces that ‘snap’ together around a secondary item such as a lamp post. Or we may be fabricating a metallic structure to ‘enclose’ around an object such as the base of a telephone pylon to hide electrical cables neatly. We also define some items as enclosures, as we may be manufacturing only one element of a larger project as a sub-contractor. Some enclosure types we have manufactured include:

  • Server enclosures
  • 3G/4G pylon enclosures
  • Lamp post base enclosures
  • Fridge enclosures
  • Oven enclosures
  • Service utility enclosures
  • Museum enclosures for exhibition items
  • Display enclosures for retail and exhibitions


Metal chests are similar to our metal cabinets, however are usually horizontally orientated with a lid opening rather than door. Our storage chests are typically larger in size than an average tool box, and can have armoured sides to prevent forced entry, and often come complete with fully enclosed key-aligned stainless steel locks. The storage chests can be powder coated with a toughened, weather proof finish, giving them protection when left in outhouses, construction buildings and vans. We’ve produced branded storage and tool chests for a range of industries including construction sites and railway repair companies. Typical metal storage chests include:

  • Storage chests
  • Van boxes
  • Security chests
  • Cashboxes
  • Tool chests

How it’s Made

Telecoms Enclosure

These cabinets are enclosures that wrap around a telephone mast to house equipment for the mast. This telecoms enclosure is made from pieces of stainless steel with a powder coated finish.

Telecoms Cabinet

Machine Electrical Cabinet

Precision design, immaculate finishing and swift manufacturing were required for a new electrical cabinet/box for an automated production machine.

Machine Electrical Cabinet Case Study

Work with Us

Work with Us

Whether you’re looking to redesign or prototype your parts, components or project, or simply want a new mass or batch manufacturing partner, please get in touch with us at Constant, sheet metal fabrication experts, for a quotation.

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